The Peabody Institute

There are a number of different ways for Johns Hopkins students to take advantage of the world-class opportunities in music education offered by the university’s affiliate, the Peabody Institute.

Located in Mt. Vernon, the historic and cultural heart of Baltimore, the Peabody Institute is one of the nation’s premier sources of professionally trained musicians. Peabody boasts a preeminent faculty, a nurturing, collaborative learning environment, and is a division of Johns Hopkins University. Each year, Peabody stages more than 800 musical and dance performances in Baltimore and other U.S. cities, a testament to the hard work and dedication of its students.

Because of Peabody’s affiliation with Johns Hopkins, undergraduates have access to a world-class arts education, a rare opportunity at a university of such stature. There are formal and informal ways for students studying at the Homewood campus to participate in the music, voice, and dance programs available at Peabody. Informal opportunities include taking classes, arranging lessons, participating in chamber music, or simply attending concerts, while formal opportunities are centered on the double degree program and music as a minor.

The double degree program allows undergraduate students enrolled in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering to simultaneously pursue a degree in music (B.M.) at Peabody. The program is very competitive as it requires that students apply, audition, and be accepted to Peabody in addition to being accepted to the undergraduate program at Johns Hopkins.

Additionally, The Krieger School of Arts & Sciences offers a music minor for students who have some training and background in music and wish to pursue their interest in a systematic way without getting a degree in music.

Majors & Minors Programs