mattin center

Mattin Center

The Mattin Center, a 53,000-square-foot complex, is the undergraduate center for the arts. The complex has three wings, including painting and drawing studios, a digital media center for image, film, and video editing, and a black box theater for staging everything from intimate one-acts to full-scale productions. There are two group practice rooms, a larger one for bands and choral groups and a smaller one for a cappella groups. During the day both rooms serve as music theory classrooms. Smaller practice rooms that serve individual singers and instrumentalists are also available, as well as a dance studio that overlooks the Baltimore Museum of Art’s sculpture garden next door. Clearly the Mattin Center is a great place to develop your artistic side!

For an up close look at the facilities available at the Mattin Center, check out the center’s website.

Majors & Minors Programs