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Study Abroad

Study abroad is extremely popular among undergraduate students of all majors and is often encouraged by many of the departments in the humanities. On average, there are more than 500 Johns Hopkins students studying abroad in over 30 different countries every year!

There are a number of different ways to get involved in study abroad. Most students choose to go abroad for either part or all of their junior year, though it is also possible to study abroad in the second semester of sophomore year or the first semester of senior year. However, students must spend their last semester before graduation at Johns Hopkins.

Students who choose to study abroad have a number of different programs and destinations to choose from. Johns Hopkins maintains its own departmentally-sponsored programs in Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Bologna, Rome, Tokyo, and Nanjing, for which transfer of credit is automatically pre-approved. For students who desire to study abroad in another location, the office of study abroad maintains a list of pre-approved programs run by other universities. The process for these programs is simple, and many students choose this option. For more information about study abroad programs, please visit the Office of Study Abroad.

For students who don’t have the time or the desire to spend a whole semester abroad, there are a number of different programs available during the summer and intersession (the period of time between the end of the fall semester and the beginning of spring semester). Past examples include a literary class on Hemingway that traveled to Cuba, a history class that traveled to Ghana, and a summer photography class that traveled to Ireland. For more information on the opportunities available during summer and intersession, check out the links to the right!

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