Latin American Studies

The major in Latin American studies concentrates on the history, culture, economy, and politics of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean basin. Under the close supervision of an adviser, students create an individualized program of study that focuses on a particular aspect of Latin America, or the history, literature, ecology, geography, and politics of a particular region within Latin America. Courses make use of the expertise of professors drawn primarily from the Departments of Romance Languages, Anthropology, History, History of Art, Sociology, and Political Science. The program offers opportunities for research and travel to Latin America.

Academic Details

Overview of the Undergraduate Curriculum

Undergraduate majors achieve a broad understanding of the complexity of Latin American social, political, and cultural issues through interdisciplinary coursework at the introductory and upper level. A series of electives related or with reference to Latin America is part of the major as well. Language proficiency (i.e. reading fluidity and basic conversational skills) through the intermediate level in either Spanish or Portuguese is also required.

Honors Opportunities

To receive honors in Latin American studies, students must have a 3.5 G.P.A. or higher in the courses required for the major and complete a senior thesis.

Student Stories


The major in Latin American studies offers small grants to support summer research and travel in Latin America. To read more about them, visit the Latin American studies website

Study Abroad

The major in Latin American studies offers three summer programs in Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina, where Johns Hopkins undergraduates get to take classes at Latin American universities, stay with local families, and immerse themselves in the cultures they’ve been studying in the classroom. In addition to these summer programs, students majoring in Latin American studies have studied abroad in Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Panama.


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