History of Science & Technology

History of science & technology provides unique perspectives on science, medicine, technology, and the humanities. Courses combine an appreciation of the developments in science, medicine, and technology with an awareness of their cultural impact. Faculty interests extend to such subjects as the history of architecture, the emergence of science cities, the iconography of science, science and exploration, and science and religion. The program offers a humanities major that meets all the requirements for premedical students. At the same time, it prepares students for a growing number of other careers in which an understanding of the impact of science is important, including teaching, journalism, law, public policy, business, and work in museums.

Academic Details

Overview of the Undergraduate Curriculum

Students take courses in the natural sciences, which complement those in the history of science, medicine, and technology. Internships in Washington, D.C., and an optional senior thesis allow students to get practical experience and explore topics in depth.

Honors Opportunities

Students with a good academic record may write a senior thesis for honors credit. The writing of the thesis, which is undertaken in conjunction with a year-long research seminar, is done under close faculty supervision.

Student Stories


Lily Newman ’12 used her Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award to research her senior thesis, which explored the history of medical waste.  Read more about her project at Arts & Sciences Magazine.


Many curators and research historians at the Smithsonian not only teach at Johns Hopkins, they also sponsor conferences and workshops and provide curatorial internship opportunities for history of science & technology majors.

Jennifer Alejo ‘13 works for the Johns Hopkins Department of Transplantation on a long-term study of living kidney donors. She contacts patients in order to investigate their medical histories and extract data from their medical records.

Study Abroad

Students majoring in the history of science & technology have studied abroad in France and England.


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