Humanities Honors Program

Honors at Johns Hopkins can be earned in several different ways. At graduation, students may receive general honors, departmental honors, or both. All students who graduate with a cumulative G.P.A. above 3.5 are awarded general honors.

Most departments offer the opportunity to earn departmental honors, which typically are based on the student’s cumulative G.P.A. in the major and the completion of a senior thesis or project.  For more specific information on departmental honors in the major you’re considering, visit the section of our website on majors & minors and/or consult each major’s degree checklist.

In addition to these programs, the Humanities Center offers an honors program that enables all qualified undergraduates to pursue an independent and often interdisciplinary research project, normally in their junior and senior years. Students can propose a topic in any humanistic discipline, including intellectual or cultural history, English and comparative literatures, women and gender studies, minority literatures and culture, film studies, anthropology, and philosophy, just to name a few. Past topics have also examined points of intersection between the arts and sciences, giving students outside the humanities a chance to broaden their studies. For more information about the honors program in the humanities, visit their website.

Majors & Minors Programs