Welcome to the Humanities at Johns Hopkins

The dictionary describes the humanities as branches of learning such as philosophy, language, history, the history of art, and more, that explore consciousness, values, ideas, and ideals and the way these shape the human understanding of the world. Johns Hopkins has a long history with this kind of inquiry, and the humanities at Hopkins continue to be characterized by innovation and interdisciplinary study. Combine this tradition with an emphasis on research and hands-on learning, as well as the freedom to shape your own academic program, and it’s clear that Hopkins offers a unique undergraduate humanities experience. Read more about Hopkins humanities below, and consider coming for a visit. Welcome to the humanities at Johns Hopkins!

5 Reasons to Choose Hopkins Humanities

  1. You’ll develop independent research. Learn more
  2. You’ll learn beyond the classroom. Learn more
  3. You’ll craft an individual Johns Hopkins experience. Learn more
  4. You’ll have easy access to Baltimore’s vibrant cultural community.
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  5. You’ll get the resources of a large university while enjoying the small classes of a liberal arts school. Learn more

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